Sign Up for Gmail – How to Create a Gmail Account


Sign Up for Gmail – How to Create a Gmail Account

What is Gmail? There may be no need to talk you this. I’m sure that you have already known or heard about it. And if you usually use the Internet, you will absolutely need to have one or two Gmail account. There are now many different kinds of free email services; however, Gmail seems to be the fastest and the most secure one. Plus, the storage capacity is up to 15Gb and it’s totally free. You can also attach file in mail with the capacity up to 25Mb.

Actually, signing up for Gmail or creating a Gmail account also means you are sign up for a Google account. By signing up for Gmail or Google account, you will be able to use apps as well as services of Google including Gmail. Moreover, you will only be able to create an account in a website if you have already had a Gmail account. That’s maybe enough for you to understand, now, we are going to show you how to create a Gmail account, or sign up for Gmail in other words. J


There are so many reasons lead us to create a Gmail account. I will briefly list some of them below:

  • Send and receive emails easily, quickly and, especially, it’s totally free
  • Sign in, use and sync with all Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Driver, etc.
  • Use Gmail to sign up for Facebook account, Online Games accounts, etc.
  • Subscribe to other websites to receive Promotions news as well as online news.
  • Download apps, games and books from the Google Play app store (CH Play) for Android devices.

Besides, there’s lots of work that need a Gmail account.


Step 1: To sign up access url:

Step 2: The interface for signing up for Gmail will be like:

Please fill all necessary information here:

  • Name: Enter your First name and Last name. You can change it after having created Gmail account.
  • Choose your username: this is actually your Gmail address. Enter the username of Gmail account your want to create. You can use letters, numbers and dot with length from 6 to 30 characters. When entering Gmail address here, you may get a message notifying: the username is available. Try another username? It means that username is already being used. You can use suggested username below or think of another username until it is accepted.
  • Create and confirm password: The password must have at least the length of 8 characters. You should use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters for the best security. You should not use easily- guessed password, such as 12345678, your name, the name of a relative or birth date, phone number … Re-enter your password in the confirm password box.
  • Gender: Choose Male, Female or Other
  • Phone number: Enter your phone number (not required). If you have a phone number, you should enter so that in case you forget you password or your Gmail account is hacked, you can easily recover it by using your phone number. Similar to the phone number, if you have a Gmail address which is being used, enter it. This will also help you in recovering your new Gmail account in case it’s hacked.
  • Prove you’re not a robot: You can tick “Skip this step” if you’ve entered your phone number afore. Then a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. If you do not tick to skip this verification step, please enter the digits in the image into the box below to verify.
  • Tick the box “I agree to the Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy”.

Having done, click Next to send registration information.

Step 3: After having successfully registered, the Gmail registration interface will display a notification.

And you’re done. Now you can Login to Gmail to compose, send and receive mail without any fee.

And your mailbox will be like:

here are 3 mail of introduction from Gmail group, you can choose to read or delete them.


We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to sign up for or create a Gmail account on your own to send and receive mail more easily. Creating a Gmail account is not difficult at all, just with some simple steps aforementioned, you’ve already had your own Gmail address. By the way, if you have any troubles, please comment below, we are always willing to help you.

Good luck!

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